Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Investigation of relation between financing activities and accruals with stock returns of manufatural companies in tehran stock exchange(TSE).    M.Sc.    kheyrkhah, arash    2011-02-01
2    Experimental study the relationship between inventories and its discrete components with financial performance In manufacturing companies    M.Sc.    ghorban ali abadi, hadi    2011-05-03
3    Examination of the association between annual financial reporting timeliness & corporate governance    M.Sc.    Soleymani, Mojtaba    2011-07-10
4    Calculating the cost of milk production Using Activity Based Costing System: A case study in Astan Qods Razavi Mazrae Nemoone dairy herts.    M.Sc.    taghavi, zahra    2013-04-23
5    An Examination of the Accuracy of the Business Plan Predicted Earnings    M.Sc.    hezarkhani, sayyed esmaeel    2013-05-05
6    A study Relation between financial report and type of financing    M.Sc.    Abdollahi, Rahimh    2013-05-07
7    The Relationship Between Sticky Costs and Forecasted EPS In Tehran Stock Exchange Corporation    M.Sc.    najibzadegan, somayeh    2013-05-21
8    The effect of stock market cycles on investor’s reaction to discretionary accruals In each of the industries in Tehran stock exchange    M.Sc.    rahimi, nemat    2013-06-18
9    A study of the barriers and challenges in the implementation of operational auditing listed companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    mirzaie rad, elaheh    2013-11-28
10    A study of the view points of auditors and users about the factors effecting to audit marketing    M.Sc.    hoseini, somayeh sadat    2014-02-05
11    The effects of accounting restatements on firm growth    M.Sc.    mansouri, morteza    2014-03-04
12    The effect shares owned by banks on market value listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    sharifi shahri, fatemeh    2014-03-11
13    The feasibility of implementing a cost management system using kaizen costing in manufacturing firms Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    seyed hoseini moghadam, mahla    2014-04-22
14    calculate the cost of one kg of rainbow trout (case study)    M.Sc.    ghashghaee, rasheen    2014-04-27
15    Examine the relationship between asset liquidity and capital structure of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    Azari, Khosro    2014-05-03
16    Fuel transportation cost per ton-kilometer in 1392    M.Sc.    alimi, fatemeh    2014-05-03
17    Review on the relationship between conservatism, cash holding and stock return    M.Sc.    ebrahimbay, hashem    2014-05-05
18    Earning management prediction using hybrid algorithms    M.Sc.    ghareh khani, bita    2014-07-06
19    Effect of Exchange Rate Changes on The Financial Indicators    M.Sc.    sadeghi vazin, fatemeh    2014-11-11
20    Review on the implication of competition in product market on real earning management and earning management through accruals    M.Sc.    parsamanesh, aliakbar    2014-12-30
21    The survey relationship between brand, stable cash flow and finavcial policies firms    M.Sc.    abdi, hadi    2015-01-27
22    A study relation of Human Capital, Capital Structure, and Employee Pay    M.Sc.    ansari, majid    2015-02-17
23    An investingation into the amount of revenues and expenses (resources and expenditures) as a result of the implementation of pension act for hazardous or arduous jobs at the social security organization )Case Study Khorasan razavi(    M.Sc.    ghavidel mazar, ali    2015-05-05
24    The role of business groups as a domestic capital market in risk sharing and firms performance    M.Sc.    mirbirjandian, behroooz    2015-11-10
25    Studying the relation of the personal happiness and optimism with accounting conservative and aggressive choices of accounting students    M.Sc.    AREFI, fereshteh    2015-11-23
26    Fraudulent financial reporting and company characteristics and quality auditing: tax audit evidence    M.Sc.    dehqanian, javad    2015-11-29
27    Related Party Transactions and an Efficient or Opportunistic of Earnings Management    M.Sc.    Ghannad, Mostafa    2016-04-24
28    Investigation The Relationship Between Audit Opinion and Information Asymmetry on Stock Market    M.Sc.    taghavi, haniye    2016-05-15
29    : The Relationship Between Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Management Motivational Factors On Performance And Earnings Management and Innovation    M.Sc.    mahmoudabady, mahboube    2016-06-19
30    The relationship between cash holding, financial constraints and growth opportunities with audit fee    M.Sc.    mohamadi asl kalkhoran, mohamad    2016-06-28
31    the relationship between the policy lifecycle financing in companies listed on the tehran stock exchange    M.Sc.    mahmoudi, hamid    2016-06-28
32    Bankruptcy prediction using financial ratios in Iraq    M.Sc.    SHUJAIRI, RIFAAT IBRAHIM KHUDHAIR    2016-07-03
33    A Study of expectation gap between internal auditors and managers of public organizations in Iraq    M.Sc.    KHAFAJA, ALAA FADHIL ABDULAMEER    2016-10-04
34    studyiny corporate governance and earnings management relationship in listed companies of Iraq Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    al husnawi, mushtaq    2016-10-04
35    The relationship between the properties of the board and auditor in Iraq    M.Sc.    Alkndlee, Ali Mohammed Shanan    2016-10-18
36    The effect of sacred months on Price and the Index of Iraq Stock Exchange and its Comparison with the Stock Exchange of Iran    M.Sc.    Salman, Faisal    2016-11-08
37    The Relationship between the Criteria of Performance Measurement and Firm Value (evidence from Iraq country)    M.Sc.    ALNAJIM, ASAAD    2016-12-06
38    Study of the Relationship Between Earnings Management and Audit Tenure in Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    Almusam, Aws Alwan Hasan    2016-12-18
39    Investigating the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Value and Future Growth of Companies Acquired in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, reza    2017-01-08
40    Investigate the Relationship between capital structure and debt rate with the performance of the Iraqi companies    M.Sc.    Alam, Asaad Abdulameer    2017-01-29
41    The relationship between asset growth and stock returns according to the company's life cycle    M.Sc.    kamelan, mohammad    2017-02-12
42    The relationship between financial indicators with Board of Director compensation    M.Sc.    Nasiri, Hamed    2017-02-12
43    The Association between Management Performance And Audit Risk    M.Sc.    peivandi nejad, mojtaba    2017-02-28
44    The Effect of Governance Indicators and Economic Freedom on firm performance    M.Sc.    Saeedi, Mahdi    2017-04-04
45    The Impact of Distress Risk on the Relationships between Corporate Features and Stock Risk Premium at Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    behsoodi, Afshin    2017-05-07
46    The Relationship Between Frim Performance and Earnings Management With Mediating Roll of Ownership Structure    M.Sc.    asadi, atiyeh    2017-05-14
47    The effect of bank interest rate and accounting conservatism on trade credit    M.Sc.    al asadi, zina jihad jasim    2017-05-22
48    Rotation of audit firm and the types of earnings management    M.Sc.    qadamgahi, seyed mehdi    2017-06-10
49    Thesis Title: The impact of earnings management and it's interaction with biard independence on cost stickiness in the Iraqi stock exchange companies    M.Sc.    Al hasany, Ali Dakhil Skhial    2017-06-25
50    Earnings Quality and Predicting Financial Distress    Ph.D    HASAN, HUSSEIN    2017-08-16
51    Modeling effect of Customer Concentration Risk on firms' Financial Reporting Quality    Ph.D    Omidfar, Mahdi    2017-10-11
52    Investigating the Relationship between the Characteristics of the Board of Directors and the Actual and Real Earning Management in the lists Companies on the Iraqi Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    Alsaadi, Farqad Mohammed Bakr    2017-10-18
53    A Survey of Financial Managers' Viewpoint on the Relationship between the use of management accounting practices with organizational change and organizational performance.    M.Sc.    goodasiaei, hanie    2017-11-12
54    Compilation of Theoretical Basis of Financial Reporting for Small and Medium –Sized Entities in Iran    Ph.D    behmanesh, mohammadreza    2018-02-18
55    A Review of Factors Affecting on Managers' Budgetary Bias    M.Sc.    darvishi, milad    2018-03-14
56    A Study of the Effect the Changes in Financial Statements on Audit Fees and Other Auditing Characteristics in Companies of the Stock Exchange of Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    HEREZ, QASSIM    2018-04-24